Sept•2022 Theme

*yawns and slides in late*

Mmmmmalright~ guess the streaming schedule should get posted 🥴

Taking it easy and slow this month with a sleepy, Snaily-Paced schedule 💕🐌


‘Slowing it riiiight down to a sleepy pace~’

— Snail-Morphs and Characters

— Relaxy, sleepy, Slow and dozy/comfy themes ❤️

— .. ..I’m obsessed with Snail-Taur warriors atm! \XS


Stream Dates:

•17th (+18th?) (Waff weekend Dates!)
•22nd (Elephant Appreciation Day)
•25th (Worlds Largest Pet-walk)

Typically soft-aim to start about 2pm each day
[+10GTM: Australia Melbourne Time, a day ahead for some folks in the world!]


[‘How To Order’ Details here!]

And see ya’ll Stream’Side soon! ♥