June•2022 Theme

It’s kinda nuts just how much last month disappeared!

But we’ve MADE it through! Phew!

Time to sit back, put feet up, light some incense and imagine into the magical~

Djinn June!

‘Mystical, Magical! but at what cost?’

— Character Genie-i-fication or Djinn encounters!

— Smoke-y, Magic-y, Indulgent & Lounging Harem aesthetic EVERYwhere! ❤️)

— Wish-Granting, Transformation, Curses, Treasure or Freedoms from

— PHEoNOmiNAL COSmic POWers! (itty bitty livingspace)


Stream Dates:

•4th (Int Corgi & ‘Hug Your Cat’ Day)
•13th (International Axe Throwing Day)
•17th (World Croc Day)
•24th (Int. Fairy Day
World UFO Day)
•30th (International Asteroid Day)

Typically soft-aim to start about 2pm each day
[+10GTM: Australia Melbourne Time, a day ahead for some folks in the world!]


[‘How To’ Order Details here!]

And see ya’ll Stream’Side soon!