Every month a few days within are dedicated to in-Stream Commissioning!

There is an overall theme chosen (though only serves as an optional prompt!) and whilst the event is live folks can order in-stream commissioned art!

These run Pay What You Want (over a minimum of at least 35$AUD starting with rough head sketches)

And are generally a pretty fun party event in which participants and spectators alike can join and chat also!



β™₯ Have a Read through this page to see what rough price-per-expectation is like
(Examples, Pricing Guide and FAQs Below)

β™₯ Donate the desired amount @ my Ko-fi ( https://ko-fi.com/carniart ) with;
β€’ Your nominated Character(s) (Ref(s), names & species for them also!)
β€’ A Listing/Links to (all/preferred) your Social Media Pages
*If you do not have online-links to reference material, or brief description & links do not fit in the small field that Ko-fi offers, then send a DM on Ko-fi shortly after booking <there should be a button for that once the donation has been made>

β™₯ Rock up on the day in Stream! (if you want to watch that unfold beyond!)
*Otherwise simply following the instructions on the date will secure you a booking also: no presence strictly required!

It’s that simple β™₯


β€”All your Social Media Contacts! (Twitter/FA/Telegram etc)
β€”Character Refs: Name and Species is useful also!
β€”(If buying for, or including, a friend) Their Social Media pages as well for crediting when uploading!

πŸ”Ή Cannot stress this enough everyone! πŸ”Ή

Even if you have ordered many times before, please include all the above info for ease of processing your order every time so I don’t gotta stop drawing to chase you up during or after the event! πŸ˜ˆ

β™₯ Then you’ll get queued up and scribbles drawn during the Stream!
(or the next day/next stream/etc *Only if the list gets heckin’ long beyond)

πŸ”΄ Donations must be 35$AUD, or above, per character featuring
(anything under that and it’s just considered a tip/but not necessarily going to result in art)


Tend to put up posters once live on the Day, otherwise can pre-emptive follow this Twitch account for notifications on when that is live;

And Streams often have a mix of Music and Mic also! β™₯

β™₯ See below for Examples, a rough Pricing Guide & more details on Telegram Scribble Style Stickers ordering also!


Here are a few choice examples pages, otherwise [click here] for infinitely more!

πŸ’΅ Loose Pricing guide πŸ’΅

Here’s a loose (Emphasis on the loose: these will always, specifically, run rather ‘wing-it’) price-vs-expectation guide for the Ko-fi commission ordering β™₯

*Consider itmore as ‘hiring for an amount of time’ over ‘static prices per single items’

β€’ A 35$ minimum Starts with a loose and Sketchy headshot or really cartoony scribbly (and not necessarily coloured either)

β€’ 50-75$ will either result in the same but likely with a bit of colour or toning.
β€”Unless I get a better or different idea for a given character presented which might see a larger cropping (waist-up for example, or fuller body, whether that leaves enough time to polish/colour more info that is up in the air)

β€’ $100+ typically allows enough time for what you get coloured up

β€’ 150$+ typically about ‘half a page’s-worth of canvas, and/or much more polish or a more complicated depiction
(use of perspective, etc. Easily covers more complexly design characters to still be drawn & coloured up also)

β€’ Beyond 180-200$ start to be in the realms of multiple things getting drawn for someone on a single order
be a very polished single piece, with nice light-&-shading, more vibrancy n depth!

β€’ 300$+ on a single order almost always lands someone an entire page to themselves. β™₯ : Recommended for more full-body type illustration
<*And if a character is rather complex, or after a bit of a backdrop to go with: more towards will be required>

etc beyond

β™₯ This guide is listed in AUD & is based around going of a single character being the subject

β€”Multiple character(s)/reference(s) being provided usually split the credit nominated down the middle for them to be drawn respectively.
(an order of 100$ over 2 character = 50$ each allotted for example)

πŸ₯ Stickers Order Details πŸ₯

‘Scribble-Style’ stickers available too! (For the intention of using on telegram) but can be utilised however.
(As Avatars, Emotes on other Platforms, etc)

πŸ”Ή Allow roughly 45-60$aud per single character sticker give or take.
Very complex character, expressions or poses wanted on the upper end

β€” And double the amount for the addition of another character or YCH figures in the one sticker

πŸ”Έ And that is art-make pricing ONLY

To have that cut out, white-stroke/drop-shadowed and sent to you as a ready-to-go PNG or made up into a pack for you will cost more
β€”Using any left over credit first of course!

*Just tend not to factor that into initial booking credit in favour getting the art accurate

πŸ”ΉIf you also go in intending to have a preview sheet made up for those also that may cost a bit more additionally
(Ask anytime about that!)
β€” Otherwise I’ll be making those up at my own discretion!


And for anyone interested; here’s a Listing of all the packs I’ve made or contributed toward
*Packs featured are for a bunch of clients recently + a few own personal ones

❔ Final Kofi-Com FAQs ❔

❌ NO ARTWORK PURCHASED is to EVER be used to any any part toward AiArt Training or repercussion! ❌

This is absolutely non-negotiable and applies to all artwork, in any capacity or level of completion, over any and all artwork purchased at any time from me: past, present or future.

β™₯ Is the Artwork drawn at print resolution?

Sure is!

β€”And you will receive both the print & web resolution files shortly after completion! πŸ’•

β™₯ Can I Order present-art for friends?

Tha’ hek YES, COURSE you can, you utterly sweet bean!
(Please do include their social-media pages for crediting too though when booking!)

β™₯ Can I use art drawn me for as an avatar?

Sure can!

(If you might like that cropped down for you to a desired sizing & file-type; can discuss upon completion.
*May end up costing a few dollars more to produce)

β™₯ Can I resell artwork booked this way (on say, merch stuff/etc)?

⛔️ No you may not.

β€” We can, however, discuss the purchase of a reselling license before or after booking if you might like to be able to!

β™₯ I bought a Scribble but it didn’t get coloured.. Can I pay extra to get that?


ANY and ALL Ko-fi Scribble bookings are happily worked into further beyond what you get presented for extra credit! ❀️
(*Coloured in is just one example, but if you might like things like; an expression-change alternate version, an outfit alteration, another character added in to a pre-existing scribble, etc, then sure! Just ask!)

..And that, should be pretty much everything you need to know in regards to the Ko-fi Stream Commissioning! ^_^

β€”If you have any further questions, ask them over in the Telegram Channel Chat for the quickest way to get a response from the artist or mods! β™₯
Otherwise direct-message on any frequently used social media Pages, or drop an e-mail along to mail(at)carniart.com