TOS and FAQs


β€” Commissions has somewhat changed up to better suit a more flexible model (that results in a much faster turn-around time for clients and easier to produce from this side)

Check out all the details for that: Over here on the Kofi-Com info Page! β™₯

Here’s a listing of some Frequently asked questions also around commissioning in general


❀️ Are you currently Open for Commissioning right now?

*Via Kofi & Twitch!

🧑 How long will it take for my order to be finished?

This depends mostly on when it’s booked (and how many might have booked ahead of you)
Once started; orders tend to be worked on and finished up in quick succession.

πŸ”Έ If you are wanting to get an order finished up by a strict date, or simply receive that sooner than a queue-wait time; make this known when booking, & a Rush-Fee can be assessed & applied to your order.

[Rush-Ordering isn’t available via the current Kofi Stream Commissioning Model: but when open for more formal commissioning in the past it has been]

β€” A Rush-Fee cost will be an extra % on top of the total order amount and will be dictated by;

β€’ How involved an order is
β€’ How soon that wanted
β€’ And by how many other orders are being skipped in order to meet the desired deadline.

πŸ’› How long is your Art Queue at the moment?

This is subject to change all the time as I’m working things off, and new orders come in.
[The current Queue can be checked here]
*Try to keep this as updated as I can; but might subjected a pinch of lag in updating!

Otherwise, ask when booking for a rough estimation!

πŸ’š Do you sell NSFW/Explicit artwork?

I do not sorry!
(..Sort of)

Anyone even lightly familiar with my work will know that a lot of the content I do cover can be very suggestive at times, so while some things might not strictly adhere to being entirely SFW; I do not sell artwork of an outright explicit nature.

Things like;
β€’ Tasteful Artistic Nudity
β€’ Some ‘implied, but not shown’ content might be ok
β€’ And some ‘Convenient Censoring’ also might be acceptable

But always check direct ahead of or when booking!

πŸ’™ Can I post artwork you have made for me from my own online spaces?

Of course you can! (You bought it afterall!)

πŸ”Ή Please still credit back to me as being the creator of artwork produced too though!
(via any of the relevant localized Social-Media hubs or website direct!)

πŸ’œ Can I sell products that Feature artwork you have made for me on it?

πŸ”΄ Not without the purchase of a Reselling Licence

And depending how small or large your operation is will range
β€’ From being a 3x the final Order Cost (on top) of a given order as a once-off purchase
β€’ To being an on-going Royalties cut of sales (annual or quarterly)

*Resale Licences are up for negotiation on a case by case basis.

πŸ”Έ If you are hoping to use something drawn for you as a stand alone item (such as website banners, printing off a single personalised article of clothing, a mug for yourself or a friend as a once-off present for example)

Things like that do not require a Resale Licence (as you are not then going on to make a profit from those) but a head’s up with your intentions when ordering is appreciated!


If you have any questions outside those listed in the FAQs, or like some more details Postal Order the fastest way to get incontact is via the Telegram Channel Chat
(Be aware that prompt a Capcha bot once you enter: click on that to solve that before you will be accepting into the room and be able to chat!)
but if you aren’t in any great hurry: drop a line over at


Thanks again & shall see you soon!