January•2024 Theme


and like, OVER HALF WAY THROUGH already~? \83
where DOES the time go!

Stika’JAN! (again!)

‘Like It, com It, PRINT IT! Stik it!’

— Going to be focusing in on everything Telegram & Physical Stickers busting into 2024!

— Get your fave Stickers/Emotes turned into ‘your characters’!
—Get a single, get a few, Get a Pack!

— And get Physical Stickers made from those too! (*hit up StickerChicken from the Files-to-physical!!)


Stream Dates:

  • 23rd
  • 26th (Australian ‘Survival Day’) *Running a charity-Drive this day also! 🖤💛❤️
  • 28th (International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day)
  • 31st (International Zebra Day)

Typically soft-aim to start about 2pm each day
[+10GTM: Australia Melbourne Time, a day ahead for some folks in the world!]


[‘How To Order’ Details here!]

And see ya’ll Stream’Side soon!